Stan Lee Talks The Zodiac Legacy

From Stan Lee & Disney Publishing Worldwide ~ “The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence”
Literacy is something I am passionate about. As a mom of 13 and 16-year old boys, I know how tough it seems to find something – anything – in the older reader/ young adult genres they want to read. They aren’t into paranormal romance, which seems to thrill my daughter, but not my sons. That is where Disney Publishing Worldwide and Hyperion Books has really stepped up to the plate, creating engaging adventure stories both boys (and girls) can’t put down. Talk about magic.

Our family favorites from Disney Publishing Worldwide:
From Rick Riordan’s world of Percy Jackson, The Staff of Seraphs
Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl
Ridley Pearson’s The Kingdom Keepers
DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Disney Publishing Worldwide. I am not being paid or compensated for this post. I just love Disney, and I love reading. When those worlds collide, well, I think it is too awesome not to share. Happy reading!

Why Must the Sun Rise so Early?

Y’all, I love to watch the sun come up. I love witnessing as the early morning light slowly breaks into the full bouquet of sunrise. But anyone who knows me can tell you I am no morning person. 
Seriously, I could sleep till noon and not have a moment’s remorse. Not that I have slept in like that for over 15 years, I’m just sayin’, I could. 
Somedays I think that a glorious sunrise is God’s gift for waking up so darn early. It’s like my own personal “atta-girl” from the Big Man, Himself. Other days, I just think God is making me earn it. 
Either (or neither) way, I love a beautiful sunrise.
The sunrise has the power to make the pre-dawn Home Depot look stunning.

Talkin’ Trash

Today’s “Seriously, y’all…” moment comes courtesy of my teenagers. This was my trash can tonight. What drew my attention to it was the little white pup trying to get at the pizza box perched on top of this already overflowing mound of rubbish. Seriously,  y’all, at least try to squish it down and lock the lid to make it look like it isn’t so full it may burst. At least someone was eating a banana. I’ll take that as a “win.”

My Secret Love… My Calendar

Today is the first Monday of the new year, so it is Calendar Day. And I have a confession. I. Love. Calendars. I love to get my monthly calendars in order. I add birthdays, anniversaries and even summer camp dates – yes, most of our summer is already booked solid!! Yikes. Calendars are important, y’all!

No, really, I am a borderline addict, and the quickest way to get on my bad side is to mess with my finely tuned schedule. Seriously, I have three kids.

Dry erase, printable, weekly, monthly, you-name-it. I love them.

It was not always love at first sight. I used to be able to keep most of my dates in my head. Then came the kids. Then came my husbands unique work rotation. Add to that my own schedule, and you can see why a method of organization is a must.

In the 90’s I kept a simple daily planner. Now, I employ an arsenal of calendars to keep my family in line.

  • Large Dry-Erase calendar, so everyone can see what everyone else is doing.
  • My iCalendars (on my MacBookPro & iPhone)
  • My Big Binder: To hold monthly & weekly calendars as well as schedules from coaches and teachers.
I am often asked where I get my calendars, and honestly I used to Google “printable monthly calendar” or “printable weekly calendar.” However I found two visually appealing, fun ones which are my go-to-calendars for 2015.
My Monthly Calendar: From ~ She has such cute calendars!
My Weekly Calendar: From ~ I really love the lines to keep it neat.
Remember, calendars are just tools to help you organize your time. Don’t let them rule over you. Seriously, y’all, enjoy every moment, because if looking over last year’s calendar has taught me anything, it is that our days go by so quickly, and your time is the most important gift you can give. Give it wisely.

Natural Silver Highlights

As a woman of a certain age, one must decide… Age gracefully or fight Mother Nature with every tool in the cosmetic arsenal.

Well, if you read yesterday’s post, you’d know that grace is not my strong suit. Hey, I’m working’ on it, y’all.

I am not ultra-high maintenance by any measure. I keep my makeup simple. My clothing style is a hybrid of modern and thrift store. Funky, fun & frugal! Now, I do get my nails done regularly, but that is a story for another day. And then there is my hair…

My hair is long. I like it straight, though the Good Lord saw fit to give me crazy, wavy hair with a mind of its own. And for the past ten years, slowly but surely, the natural silver highlights have waged a war on my chestnut brown hair. And though modern hair color helps me win the occasional battle, the grays are winning the war.

Now this doesn’t really bother me. I know that the brown hair is not coming back. What I do mind is how sneaky those little gray suckers can be. They creep up with no warning. Worse, you find they have launched a full-scale attack when you thought you were looking good.

This morning I woke up, got ready for church and headed out with the family. Now, I know vanity should not be my priority at church, but it reared its ugly head in the ladies room. As I was washing my hands and thinking about touching up my lip gloss, I noticed a light glowing around the top of my head.

No, not heavenly lights. I have no halo, trust me. The fluorescent lights cast a direct glow on a head full of natural silver highlights.

I knew it was “about that time.” I knew a visit to the salon was in my near future. But, as I left my house this morning, I though I looked pretty good. (I do have pretty forgiving lighting in my powder room.)

However, in the harsh – and all too honest – lighting in the ladies room at church, the truth rang as clear as church bells on a sunny Sunday morning.

Well, when the going gets gray, the gray go straight to the salon!

Now Really…

Today was a real humdinger. I blame the foggy weather we’ve been having for the past three weeks. Where is that sun hiding? Maybe it is all the dust from the renovation finally covering every surface of the house and the inside of our lungs. Heck, I think there is a layer of drywall dust coating the inner lining of my brain these days.

Why else could measuring a laundry room countertop send our renovation into a downward spiral of cosmic proportions?

All I know, is for once in my life I want things the way I want them.

We get to that point sometimes. That point where what others think will work out fine, just is not acceptable. That point where we finally know what we want, and even though others disagree, they are just going to have to disagree and get on with the project at hand.

The tricky part comes when the input and experience of others is valued – and sometimes sought out. How do I gracefully navigate through the well-meaning advice when I know I’m not going to take it?

Well, today, my friends, I failed. Grace was not my strong suit. Stubbornness took over. On one hand, it was great to stand my ground and not let others to persuade me from my vision. On the other hand, men need to realize that just because I heard what they said, and didn’t raise a ruckus, it doesn’t mean I agree with them. Seriously.


Hi… Welcome to Seriously, Y’all, my Southern musings, mutterings and mumblings.

So, after a few great years of writing medical and wellness articles and after quite some time of contributing to the Disney blogosphere, I decided to walk down a quieter, quirkier path and see where the beat of my own drum takes me.

This is an old-fashioned journal. It’s my life. My thoughts. My struggles. My joys. Simple!

So pardon the dust while I create this blog from scratch. Menus will pop up and down. Widgets are being constructed as I type. And I love playing with the blog’s look and layout. Who knows what this space will look like tomorrow!! That is part of the fun!

For PR requests, reviews or affiliate opportunities with us, contact me at .

Disclosure: I am not officially affiliated with the Walt Disney Company in any way. I am also not affiliated with Dooney & Bourke. Their property is fully theirs. I have published my own inspirations of their designs and make no financial gains whatsoever on their products — unless they want to give me a call.

New Year’s Day Recap

Yesterday was amazing. The whole house slept in. Not just normal sleeping in either. The really good kind, that just ain’t decent – I have decided to embrace the word “ain’t” this year, my inner-grammar snob is just going to have to grin and bear it. Later in the morning we were invited to a late brunch at the home of friends to celebrate the new year.

My Grandma Betty used to have a saying about New Year’s Day – “Whatever you do today, you’ll do throughout the year.”

By that measure, I will get plenty of sleep this year. I will do 4 loads of laundry a day. But I will dine daily with friends and family. My bathrooms will be constantly bleachy clean. And my husband will bring home take-out food for dinner every night. The Seminoles lost. The Buckeyes won.
Well take the good and take the bad… Sounds like a plan to me!

Happy 2015.

Welcome to My Life Illuminated…

Happy New Year!

“Seriously, Y’all” is the journal of my life, and something I say about a million times a day! I like to keep it simple, but some days, ok most days, the crazy creeps in and takes over.
I have three kids, two dogs & one husband, so life is fast-paced and there is never a dull moment.
So keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle, cuz my life is a crazy ride, and I am about to illuminate it for all to see!