Hi… Welcome to Seriously, Y’all, my Southern musings, mutterings and mumblings.

So, after a few great years of writing medical and wellness articles and after quite some time of contributing to the Disney blogosphere, I decided to walk down a quieter, quirkier path and see where the beat of my own drum takes me.

This is an old-fashioned journal. It’s my life. My thoughts. My struggles. My joys. Simple!

So pardon the dust while I create this blog from scratch. Menus will pop up and down. Widgets are being constructed as I type. And I love playing with the blog’s look and layout. Who knows what this space will look like tomorrow!! That is part of the fun!

For PR requests, reviews or affiliate opportunities with us, contact me at SeriouslyYall@gmail.com .

Disclosure: I am not officially affiliated with the Walt Disney Company in any way. I am also not affiliated with Dooney & Bourke. Their property is fully theirs. I have published my own inspirations of their designs and make no financial gains whatsoever on their products — unless they want to give me a call.


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