My Secret Love… My Calendar

Today is the first Monday of the new year, so it is Calendar Day. And I have a confession. I. Love. Calendars. I love to get my monthly calendars in order. I add birthdays, anniversaries and even summer camp dates – yes, most of our summer is already booked solid!! Yikes. Calendars are important, y’all!

No, really, I am a borderline addict, and the quickest way to get on my bad side is to mess with my finely tuned schedule. Seriously, I have three kids.

Dry erase, printable, weekly, monthly, you-name-it. I love them.

It was not always love at first sight. I used to be able to keep most of my dates in my head. Then came the kids. Then came my husbands unique work rotation. Add to that my own schedule, and you can see why a method of organization is a must.

In the 90’s I kept a simple daily planner. Now, I employ an arsenal of calendars to keep my family in line.

  • Large Dry-Erase calendar, so everyone can see what everyone else is doing.
  • My iCalendars (on my MacBookPro & iPhone)
  • My Big Binder: To hold monthly & weekly calendars as well as schedules from coaches and teachers.
I am often asked where I get my calendars, and honestly I used to Google “printable monthly calendar” or “printable weekly calendar.” However I found two visually appealing, fun ones which are my go-to-calendars for 2015.
My Monthly Calendar: From ~ She has such cute calendars!
My Weekly Calendar: From ~ I really love the lines to keep it neat.
Remember, calendars are just tools to help you organize your time. Don’t let them rule over you. Seriously, y’all, enjoy every moment, because if looking over last year’s calendar has taught me anything, it is that our days go by so quickly, and your time is the most important gift you can give. Give it wisely.


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