Stan Lee Talks The Zodiac Legacy

From Stan Lee & Disney Publishing Worldwide ~ “The Zodiac Legacy: Convergence”
Literacy is something I am passionate about. As a mom of 13 and 16-year old boys, I know how tough it seems to find something – anything – in the older reader/ young adult genres they want to read. They aren’t into paranormal romance, which seems to thrill my daughter, but not my sons. That is where Disney Publishing Worldwide and Hyperion Books has really stepped up to the plate, creating engaging adventure stories both boys (and girls) can’t put down. Talk about magic.

Our family favorites from Disney Publishing Worldwide:
From Rick Riordan’s world of Percy Jackson, The Staff of Seraphs
Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl
Ridley Pearson’s The Kingdom Keepers
DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Disney Publishing Worldwide. I am not being paid or compensated for this post. I just love Disney, and I love reading. When those worlds collide, well, I think it is too awesome not to share. Happy reading!


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