Men + Pinterest = Menterest

Pinterest, oh, how I love thee. I think I spend more time with Pinterest than with my kids. Does that mean I have a problem? I really don’t see that as a problem. I can quit anytime I want.

Now, Pinterest is making a bold social media move. Pinterest wants the men in our lives to be Pinners, too. To accomplish this they are trying to make their search results more gender neutral. I get it… expand the demographic and the market expands also.

As a Southern girl who loves Pinterest, I have never had an issue with my own search results, but this new campaign got me thinking…

How Would a Dude Pin??
So I searched for what all men would search for: football teams, tools, gym equipment, dude fashion. You know, manly stuff. And I gotta say, the results were girly. (My inner feminist just cringed as I typed that – but I’m just being honest.)
A search for Cincinnati Bengals Jersey – manly, right? –  brought me these adorable results:
The bag is cute, but the results aren’t quite geared for men. A search for “free weights” yielded equipment and exercises geared specifically for women.
One part of me loves that Pinterest knows me so well, and that when I type “Cincinnati Bengals” into the pin-engine, I get results that actually interest me. 
The other, pragmatic side of me knew that this boy-free zone couldn’t last forever. So, in the interest of Dudes who Pin everywhere, I have created three Manly Boards to start off your collection. 
I was thinking that pinning manly pics would be a funny way to spend my dreary Monday morning, and it was. But some of the crafts were quite unique and the see-through watch in Dude Decor was seriously cool. Then I found “swants” and questioned if it really is safe to let men in the pinning waters, after all. Time will tell.