Cinderella Easter Basket for Teens

Creating Easter Baskets for Teens requires a little Thinking Outside of the Basket…

Cinderella Easter Basket for Teens

It was lots of fun, and easy, creating this Easter collection inspired by Disney’s newest film, “Cinderella.” 

When it comes to Easter baskets for teens, everyday chocolates and jelly beans just won’t do. Keep it fresh and fun for your teen by including small makeup item, jewelry and sweeten the basket with a few well-chosen candies, like a Godiva bunny, a classic pack of Marshmallow Peeps, and an oversized lollipop.
Instead of a traditional basket, I found this great coal bucket. My daughter would love this little dress from Hot Topic (and “mom approve” bonus – with a little sweater, it could be modest enough for most Easter celebrations).

The M-A-C cosmetics collection inspired by Cinderella uses soft, spring colors and tones which this Southern mom approves.

What items do you like to include in your teen’s Easter basket?


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