Digital Spring Cleaning: Do You Know Who Follows You?

A friend’s post about a celebrity who recently followed her on Twitter got me thinking… who is following me? And do you know who is following you?

A plethora of social media tools exist to help you keep tabs on your following and followers. I like to use a mix of them. Yesterday, I turned to Simply Measured, to get the low down on what is happening with my Twitter feed. This tool is more about analyzing your following than just seeing who is following you back. You see Klout scores of followers and how many followers your followers have.

And if all this talk of followers doesn’t have you head spinning, just wait. On the top of my list of celebrity followers — my very small list — is a VERY BIG BAND.

The Beatles follow me. @TheBeatles Really! And I never even knew it.

That just goes to show you how crazy (and awesome) our digital lives can be. The biggest band in the history of the universe follows me — not sure why, but hey, I love them — and I had no clue.

If you take anything from me today, find out who follows you. The answer may surprise you. It is up to you to decide whether or not to follow them back.

So, who is following you? You can always follow me @SrslyYallBlog .  I have a great group of followers.

And a great big thanks to the inspiration for this post, Kuleen from! She is amazingly fun to follow and has a lot of cool followers, including me!

Digital Spring Cleaning: Pinterest Edition

I. Love. Pinterest. Y’all.

Pinterest is brilliant, but my boards, well, not so much. Over time boards get congested, outdated and just plain cluttered. So, last night, I took a bold step and DELETED all but a small number of my boards. Just like an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, I dejunkified my Pinterest account.

The Purpose of the Pin

Pinning has many purposes. Some pinners create party planning boards. Others, like me, focus on vacation planning (with a little lifestyle thrown in the mix). Some pin for themselves — craft, decorating or gift giving ideas. Many winners use Pinterest to promote businesses and blogs.

Actively decide what content you want to send out to the world and curate your boards to meet that goal.

The Power of the Pin

When you pin an image, you are saying to the world, “Hey, I like this idea.” You are making a statement about yourself as much as you are about the item you are pinning.

Pin with care.

The Privacy of the Pin

Pinterest has “Secret Boards” – Use them! Honestly, most of my pins are just for me anyway. No one in the universe, other than my co-GeekMoms, really care about my love of Outlander and Game of Thrones.

In curating my New Pinterest Boards, I will make public the boards I want the world to see. And I will have my own private shrines, I mean boards, dedicated to personal interests.

Summer Reading List: Disney’s Kingdom Keepers Series Reboot

Y’all know I love young adult fiction. With a house full of “young adults” — ok, I can’t even type that with a straight face, they’re teens & tweens — I can always justify my love of YA Fiction by claiming that I like to have something in common that we can talk about at dinnertime. But y’all know the truth… I just like well-written fiction, YA or otherwise.

Enter Ridley Pearson’s Kingdom Keepers series of adventure novels. These are set in our family’s favorite Walt Disney World theme parks and on the Disney Cruise Line!! Now, the series has returned — get it?  The Return: Disney Lands

From the Disney InsiderSo why do Disney fans of all ages need to read this book? Well, without giving too much away, The Return series involves Disney history. (Hint: ever wondered what Disneyland was like on opening day? Well, Pearson has!) He told us a few fun facts about that momentous occasion: “There were upwards of 14,000 counterfeit tickets used on opening day in Disneyland, swelling numbers to three times what the Cast Members expected. There was a major water problem (you will read about that!). Women’s high-heeled shoes became stuck in fresh asphalt! And on and on…” 

That should justify my love of these books, they are historical and educational. Yep, that’s my story.

Visit for more information on all of the Kingdom Keepers adventures.

Book 1 of the Seriously, Y’all Summer Reading List has been chosen. What will our next selection be? Do you have any suggestions? And no, they need not be YA Fiction. I love all types of fiction.

Vising the Real Mayberry

This spring we took a fabulous road trip. Our first stop — Mount Airy, NC, the childhood home town of Andy Griffith and the inspiration for the Town of “Mayberry” in the hit classic. In prepping for this trip, I will not say how many episodes I binge watched on Netflix. It is easy to see why the show was such a hit.

Happy Easter

Lent is over. He is risen.

So, time for Spring Break! Seriously, Y’all will be under construction this week with new sections on the way. Get ready to get your Geek on!

Outlander is back for part 2 of its first season. Mad Men has returned for its final season. And do not get me started on Game of Thrones — remind me never to get in a game of darts with Tyrion Lannister.  Summer reading lists are being compiled. BIG Disney travel plans are on the horizon. So much fun, I can hardly stand it.

Hope you had a blessed Easter… In the meantime, enjoy some sneak peaks at pics from our Spring vacation.