Digital Spring Cleaning: Pinterest Edition

I. Love. Pinterest. Y’all.

Pinterest is brilliant, but my boards, well, not so much. Over time boards get congested, outdated and just plain cluttered. So, last night, I took a bold step and DELETED all but a small number of my boards. Just like an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive, I dejunkified my Pinterest account.

The Purpose of the Pin

Pinning has many purposes. Some pinners create party planning boards. Others, like me, focus on vacation planning (with a little lifestyle thrown in the mix). Some pin for themselves — craft, decorating or gift giving ideas. Many winners use Pinterest to promote businesses and blogs.

Actively decide what content you want to send out to the world and curate your boards to meet that goal.

The Power of the Pin

When you pin an image, you are saying to the world, “Hey, I like this idea.” You are making a statement about yourself as much as you are about the item you are pinning.

Pin with care.

The Privacy of the Pin

Pinterest has “Secret Boards” – Use them! Honestly, most of my pins are just for me anyway. No one in the universe, other than my co-GeekMoms, really care about my love of Outlander and Game of Thrones.

In curating my New Pinterest Boards, I will make public the boards I want the world to see. And I will have my own private shrines, I mean boards, dedicated to personal interests.


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