Digital Spring Cleaning: Do You Know Who Follows You?

A friend’s post about a celebrity who recently followed her on Twitter got me thinking… who is following me? And do you know who is following you?

A plethora of social media tools exist to help you keep tabs on your following and followers. I like to use a mix of them. Yesterday, I turned to Simply Measured, to get the low down on what is happening with my Twitter feed. This tool is more about analyzing your following than just seeing who is following you back. You see Klout scores of followers and how many followers your followers have.

And if all this talk of followers doesn’t have you head spinning, just wait. On the top of my list of celebrity followers — my very small list — is a VERY BIG BAND.

The Beatles follow me. @TheBeatles Really! And I never even knew it.

That just goes to show you how crazy (and awesome) our digital lives can be. The biggest band in the history of the universe follows me — not sure why, but hey, I love them — and I had no clue.

If you take anything from me today, find out who follows you. The answer may surprise you. It is up to you to decide whether or not to follow them back.

So, who is following you? You can always follow me @SrslyYallBlog .  I have a great group of followers.

And a great big thanks to the inspiration for this post, Kuleen from! She is amazingly fun to follow and has a lot of cool followers, including me!


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