Open Letter to Cyclists: A Friendly Driver’s POV

Dear Cycling Friends,

It is a beautiful morning here in NC, so I understand the desire to enjoy the great outdoors.

I would like to share that there is a very real reason motorists groan like our teeth are being pulled without anesthesia whenever we see clusters of bikes on the roads. Most of you are responsible and fun-loving riders, but it only takes one group of inconsiderate cyclists at rush hour / carpool time, to cause hostility between the cycling and motoring communities.

This is similar to my view. I did not take any photos myself, because I was driving.

A heavily traveled, small side-road, with a school may not be the best place for a group of 6 cyclists to ride at carpool time. Blocking an entire side of the road, cars lined up behind them with no where to go, just seems like an accident and injury waiting to happen. I never want to see anyone hurt! I just would like to see better route and timing decisions. But based on the way one of them was waving his hands at cars, they didn’t care. He was definitely not an ambassador for car-bike relations.


This is what a group of 5 cyclists feels like to a driver trapped behind them with no way to safely pass.
We all need to keep a level head, and more importantly our sense of humor. So in the spirit of including all those who share the road, I offer this meme.
Obviously, this is humor. I don’t hate cyclists. I hate that I even have to clarify – again – that this is a humorous meme. I strongly dislike clusters of inconsiderate drivers, and would rather be stuck behind farm equipment, but…
Seriously, y’all, don’t be a Miss Gulch on the road… no one liked her, even other cyclists.

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