Changing Seasons — Sports Mom Style

I love to experience the changing of seasons. Yes, the cooler temperatures have arrived and the leaves are changing, but that isn’t what I mean. In middle school, the fall sports season ends this week, and we turn to winter and spring tryouts – yes, spring tryouts.

Volleyball season is over, and my 7th grade daughter held her own against high school seniors on her varsity team. Watching as your child really grasps the way a complex game is played and executed is truly amazing.

Cross country season ends today. This was our 8th grade son’s first attempt at distance running. I think I need to call him Dash. The kid can run. Who knew?

Now we turn to cheerleading and baseball tryouts, and it is so interesting to see these two confident athletes face athletic uncertainty. I watch as my daughter, who is on the starting lineup of a varsity volleyball team – as a middle schooler – prepare for cheerleading tryouts, where she may get cut. My son faces the same future. True sportsmen that they are, they practice as if their spots are assured.

We know there are no guarantees in middle school sports. Gone are the days of youth rec ball where everyone plays. Competition begins before the competition even begins.

As a mom, my job is to encourage, support and cheer no matter what. And that is exactly what I do. I am parenting some amazing kids. They have faced cuts before that didn’t go their way, and they have tried out and made the team. We are in a brief season of athletic uncertainty, but these kids are great no matter what the season!

UPDATE: We learned today my daughter made the VARSITY A-Team cheerleading team. That girl amazes me! So now I’m a cheer mom! And my son made his varsity baseball team. The competition was fierce. So proud of them both.

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