Waterproof Bible: A Refreshing Review

Hello, you had me at WATERPROOF! Just in time for summer mission and camping trips. Below is a dear friend’s review of the Waterproof Bible! And make sure to check out her blog at RefreshingTalk.com. No NRSV or CEB translations yet, which the Methodist Church seems to favor these days – I like the NRSV, myself – but for traveling, VBS and summer mission trips, NIV or NLT is fine with me. This is a must for anyone in youth or children’s ministry!

Refreshing Review: The Waterproof Bible

Sometimes you just have to enjoy putting a product through its paces. For this review of the Waterproof Bible, we did exactly that…and it was fun! Let me just give you a little background on the product first.


The Waterproof Bible was created in 2005 to meet the needs of those who love the outdoors life. One of the creators, Bobby, would never take his Bible on outdoor camping trips or excursions as a high-schooler or college student because he didn’t want it to get damaged or destroyed by water, mud, or just the roughness of being handled outside in the elements. He and a friend (later the co-creator of the Waterproof Bible) came up with a solution to the problem by making a Bible that was laminated and folded up like a travel map, and they called it the Outdoor Bible. While that worked well, they found that people were desiring a more traditional-styled Bible to carry with them to retreats and other outdoor events. So with a totally different restyle of their concept, the Waterproof Bible was born.


The Waterproof Bible is an outdoor Bible and so much more! It is made of durable synthetic pages that are hand bound and then glued with a waterproof glue. The pages are also tear-resistant, and so all of these features come together to form a Bible that is not just perfect for the outdoors, but also suitable for moms who like to read the Word of God in the bathtub, for missionaries, for soldiers in the field…it’s very versatile.

So, I felt as though this Bible would be best tested out by my kids, two of whom jumped at the chance right away (ages 15 and 12). They literally tested the claims of the durability of this Bible in every way they could, and here are their results, in their own words:

15 year-old:

Ran tap water over it….no harm
Left out in the (soaking) rain…no harm
Oil spilled on it…slickness, later rinsed off, no stain
Note: gets a little stiff after drying, but still readable, and the pages still turn

12 year-old:

Power-rinsed it….not damp at all
Juice spilled on it…no stain
Power-soaked it…slight dampness, but other than that, perfect
Toothpaste on it…had to wash it off, but no stain left

My teenager also noted that when this Bible gets wet and you squeeze it, water shoots out the top and bottom…very cool 😉



Basically, we sought to work this Bible over, and the Waterproof Bible stayed true to its claims. No pages were torn, none of the ink smeared as a result of the exposure to the liquids, and it is as dry and readable as ever. The only thing that gives away the torture we put it through is the slight bleeding of color on the cover.

You might also see in my pictures that the print is very small. That was my only complaint, but then I was in on a conference call with Bobby, and he explained why that is. If they were to make the print bigger, the Bible would itself weigh several
pounds, which would not make it convenient to pack, carry in a backpack, etc. Due to that reason, I don’t consider the small print a real drawback.

The Waterproof bible comes in 5 translations – ESV, NLT, NIV, KJV, NKJV – and they offer full size Bibles, as well as just NT versions. These are some of the best Bibles ever given to our soldiers all around the globe because they can stand up to all the rigors of a soldier’s daily life out in the elements. It is handy and keeps the Word of God available, for soldiers to moms to people who love the outdoors to kids, and everyone in between. I am so grateful to have been given one, and I look forward to sending the Waterproof Bible business in the future!



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