What is Pentecost Exactly?

Great question. Pentecost is known as the Birthday of the Christian Church. Penta = 5 (think pentagon), and Pentecost is 50 days after Easter Sunday. It is celebrated as the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the Disciples.

But why take my word for it, the team at Busted Halo have given us Pentecost in 2 Minutes. Really, y’all, it explains the phenomenon in 2 minutes!!

Wow, now you know everything there is to know about Pentecost. Well not everything, but enough to know how important the Holy Spirit is to all Christians. Now, I can only speak from the United Methodist tradition, but the video is spot on, even about confirmation.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is a good thing, so have fun! Wear red to church this Sunday! It’s the church’s birthday. Make Pentecost cupcakes (which are any yummy cupcake topped with bright red frosting).


Thanks again to Busted Halo. The great people there love to share the love of Christ. It is a fantastic resource, even for Methodists. We are all one in Christ Jesus. By the way, over on BustedHalo.com, you will find a Captain America: Civil War review. Another reason I love them. It does have a few spoilers, but if you want to take a read, here you go: Busted Halo CA:CW

Have a blessed Pentecost, y’all.




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