The Tooth Fairy Visits the Disney Wonder

I have often wondered if the Tooth Fairy lives in Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell and her friends. Well, I am still not sure where she calls home, but I do know she makes visits to the Disney Wonder, and I think her name is Celine.

It all happened on our “At Sea” day during our Alaskan voyage on the beautiful Disney Wonder. My middle son lost a molar while eating a late lunch with my husband on Deck 9. So, my husband wrapped the tooth in a napkin, and went to the restroom with my son to help him clean up a bit. It is a messy thing to lose a molar.

When they returned to the table, the ever industrious crew members had already bussed the table clean. Tooth and all! Oh no! But not to worry, we are on the Disney Wonder. Surely the Tooth Fairy stops here too, but with no tooth to place under the pillow, what was a mom to do?

Guest Services to the rescue! I called the Guest Services desk, to explain (not complain, mind you) what had happened. And in full Disney fashion, the Tooth Fairy made a visit to our stateroom that very night.

He got a note, from “Celine-the-Tooth-Fairy”, a button for his lanyard and an arcade card too! Wow – that was Disney magic. In fact, my daughter started wiggling all of her teeth to see if one would come loose, too.

So thank you Tooth Fairy for spreading your magic on the Disney Wonder all the way up in Alaska! I think we will be seeing you soon. My daughter is working on a pretty wiggly tooth now.

If your little one loses a tooth at sea or in one of the Disney Parks, make sure to speak with the cast or crew members to make the experience extra magical.


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