Do Y’all Do Acrylics? 

Today, I participated in the most Southern of practices – gettin’a full set. For those uninitiated in this ritual, a full set refers the act of having plastic tips put on your fingernails to make them longer, stronger and hold polish for two weeks straight without a single chip.  Acrylic is used to fill in over the natural nail.

As a nailbiter since birth, I absolutely adore getting a fresh set of nails. I’ve tried unsuccessfully ever the years to stop the nonsense I know it is. The only thing that works is having a full overlay of acrylic. It’s my bite blocker.

Every so often, you have to take off the old acrylic and start with a brand-new set. This is what happened today. Fresh nails feel fabulous!

I also need a pedicure since it’s sandal season again. Alas, that will have to wait for another day. So, until my toes get the attention they so desperately need, enjoy one of my favorite web series: Sh%t Southern Women Say, by the ladies at the Southern Women Channel. The first lines of the series are “Hey, y’all. Do y’all do acrylics?” Need I say more?


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