Airlines No Longer Lose Luggage


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Great news, travelers. Airlines no longer lose passengers’ bags, suitcases or any other checked items!

No more lost luggage.

What? Say it isn’t so. It’s a miracle.

So why is it, when my husband recently flew overseas, he was the last person at the baggage carousel waiting for a suitcase that would never appear?  He certainly wasn’t waiting because his bags were lost.

What is Delayed Baggage?

Now, when your bags do not complete the journey with you, it isn’t because the airlines lost or misdirected it. No. It’s because your baggage has been delayed.

I understand the reason that the airline industry wants to refer to your lost items as delayed baggage. In all likelihood, you will receive it within 24 to 48 hours of landing. So, it isn’t lost (really), it’s just late – as if it is perfectly natural for luggage to travel slower than its owner.

Lost –  I mean – delayed baggage causes all sorts of mayhem and confusion. When you are away from home, especially in anther country, you just want your own things. You want your own clothes, your own shoes and yes, your own toothpaste. Though I am sure European toothpaste gets the job done, too.

Resourceful v Patient

So when the airline delays your bag (I had a hard time typing that last sentence), what type of traveler are you? Do you want to run to the nearest shopping center – assuming there is one at your destination – to replace what you consider necessities, or do you wait it out for a day or two and see if your “delayed” luggage catches up with you after having a nice time at the suitcase spa? Because really, a spa day is about the only reason I can see that my luggage would intentionally travel more slowly than I do.

Happily Ever After

Happily for my husband, his slowly traveling suitcase made it to his hotel about 36 hours after he checked in. 36 hours may not seem like that long, but for 24 of them, we honestly had no clue where the bag was, if it was really lost or even picked up by the wrong passenger at another airport.

Though, how any airline misdirects a bright orange, 29″ hardside suitcase of a first class passenger is a bit beyond me. That suitcase is big. Hard to miss really. Below is the 21″ version of the bag, so you know the 29″ bag was easy to spot from across the tarmac. (I just wanted an excuse to write the word tarmac.)


I will say this, I won’t call out the airlines, because the “delayed baggage” folks at both air carriers were as kind and helpful as they could be, especially considering it was a holiday weekend, and I know my husband’s suitcase wasn’t the only one that was “delayed.”

Maybe they have a first class lounge for first class luggage, too. That would explain so much.

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