Now Really…

Today was a real humdinger. I blame the foggy weather we’ve been having for the past three weeks. Where is that sun hiding? Maybe it is all the dust from the renovation finally covering every surface of the house and the inside of our lungs. Heck, I think there is a layer of drywall dust coating the inner lining of my brain these days.

Why else could measuring a laundry room countertop send our renovation into a downward spiral of cosmic proportions?

All I know, is for once in my life I want things the way I want them.

We get to that point sometimes. That point where what others think will work out fine, just is not acceptable. That point where we finally know what we want, and even though others disagree, they are just going to have to disagree and get on with the project at hand.

The tricky part comes when the input and experience of others is valued – and sometimes sought out. How do I gracefully navigate through the well-meaning advice when I know I’m not going to take it?

Well, today, my friends, I failed. Grace was not my strong suit. Stubbornness took over. On one hand, it was great to stand my ground and not let others to persuade me from my vision. On the other hand, men need to realize that just because I heard what they said, and didn’t raise a ruckus, it doesn’t mean I agree with them. Seriously.


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