Parenting Win: When Your Kid Gets Their First Job


Parenting wins – I mean real milestones – happen from time, and they should be celebrated, and of course, blogged about.

This week’s #ParentingWin came in the form of a job. Specifically, my son’s first job.

About a week ago at the dinner table my son announced he wanted a job. In fact, there was such certainty in his tone that my hubby and I thought he already had a job in mind or that a friend of his had given him a lead. But, nope. He didn’t have a real plan. He just felt ready for a job.

“OK, this is great,” we thought, but we had no idea how long the process would take, or even if he was even being serious.

Well, the next night he applied for his first job. He applied online, and the very next day he received a phone call and was invited for an interview the next afternoon. And wouldn’t you know, that following the interview, he texted me telling me they offered him the job! He went from thinking about getting a job, to applying, to interviewing, to being employed in under 48 hours.

Wow! #ParentingWin

And as excited as I am for him – because he took every bit of initiative here – I am super excited for me! My oldest son has his driver’s license, is about to graduate high school with honors, has already begun to take college courses and is now employed.

I’m gonna say it again… WOW!

It took many years of praying, getting less sleep than I’d like, crazy carpooling, heart-to-heart talks, and a few coming-to-Jesus discussions about wearing his rubber bands with his braces, but this little kid is no longer a little kid. He’s (almost) a grown man.

Does he have growing left to do? Plenty. But, my oh my, do the days and years pass so quickly. Enjoy the little milestones and the big ones too. Life is worth celebrating.



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