New Year’s Day… it came, and it went.

download.jpgToday is New Year’s Day. It was a special day, but it was like most others. However, today is the day that the resolutions were supposed to begin. So, how did I do?

Well, like most things in life – you win some; you lose some. And that’s pretty much how today went too.

Resolution #1: Eat Better

I should devise some strategic plan to accomplish this particular goal. I actually do quite well on strict diets – at least for about 2 months. Something about the structure really appeals to me, and I feel good about what I eat when I am on a plan, even if it makes no sense.

But as of yet, I have no plan. I know this is a problem. I have no plan for many things in my life… one reason for starting to write again, is to get me back in the planning game.

Today, even without a plan, I did pretty well.

Goal 1: Cut back on the caffeine. I can drink 3 cups of coffee a day and about 4 Diet Cokes without missing a minute of sleep. My tolerance is strong! Time to cut back to 2 cups of coffee a day. I’ve gone cold turkey before, and it isn’t pretty. Headaches, fatigue and slight nausea. No fun.

How’d I do? Ummmm… pretty ok. Considering I slept until about 10:00am. I had my two cups and a Diet Cheerwine. Don’t know what Cheerwine is? You poor, unfortunate soul.

Goal 2: Cut the unhealthy snacks.

How’d I do? Gold star. Today I wasn’t tempted. Maybe it has to do with sleeping the day away.

Goal 3: Cut the sugar and bad carbs. I’m not going low-cab, yet, but I know the unhealthy simple carbs need to go.

How’d I do? Same as with the coffee. I had a bit of pasta, but about half as much as I usually eat, and I did have a sandwich. The Hubster made it, so I can’t tell you what kind of bread it was.

Resolution #2: Exercice

I don’t like to exercise. I used to be an athlete. I used to like to play sports. I used to be a pretty active mom. Lifting a book and a cup of coffee (see above) are my main forms of exercise these days. I need to do better.

How’d I do? Not so great. The treadmill is unfolded in it’s corner, which is more action than it has seen in months. I did take down all of the Christmas decorations while the Hubster walked on it. So, at least there’s that.

  • Treadmill unfolded = Win
  • Christmas decorations down = Win

I’ll take it.

Resolution #3: Loose Weight

Confession time… I haven’t stepped on the bathroom scale in a while. When I am done here, I will face the music.

The grown up in me knows that my self worth is not dictated by a three digit number, but the sciency side of my brain likes data. Measurable data. I want to see the scale go down and my pants to loosen up.

Other Resolutions

I have other resolutions. Some are defined. Others are pretty vague.

  • Stick to a writing schedule. Easy enough.
  • Organize the house. I’m really going to try.
  • Organize my time. I do love a calendar.
  • Get the laundry room under control… ok, a girl can dream.

The goals are set. My resolve is strong. My sense of humor is firmly in place. Now it’s time to head up to the bathroom scale. Pray for me!

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