Top 5 Yoga Props

During yoga, we bend and stretch our bodies into various shapes – some of them unnatural. Just kidding, but many can be uncomfortable. Yoga props make certain poses more comfortable and other poses possible.

Full disclaimer: Y’all, I am not a yoga instructor. I am a novice to intermediate practitioner at best. I love yoga, but sometimes we look funny in poses, so I am gonna laugh.

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Yoga Blocks

These are great. They bring the floor closer to you or support an arm or a leg in a twisty, weird pose. They come in multiple sizes, but the thicker ones are my favorite.

Blosters and Pillows

These round cylindrical pillows are great for placing under your knees during final relaxations. They also offer support during poses you hold for long periods of time, especially in yin yoga.

Blankets (and knee cushions)

I use blankets as knee cushions. Even with a thick mat, I cannot do knee work without some sort of cushioning beneath my knees. I like a to use a folded blanket. However, knee cushions come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, so pick what is right for you.

Blankets can also be used as blankets – go figure. Especially for practices where warmth is important, or in the winter when studios tend to be cooler.

Strap (or belt)

Straps are used to help with stretching and flexibility, and they can help bring hands together for a blind the back bind. If you have an old D-loop belt lying around, that is perfect. If you don’t you can give this one a try.


The wedge is a versatile prop. It can be used to make seated postures more comfortable, placed under the knees or wrists to adjust the angle of a pose for comfort.

Honorable Mention: The Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is a prop I have never once seen in a yoga class at my studio, and they offer classes in several styles of yoga. However, it seems pretty popular in the online catalogs, so I thought I’d show it to you to check out for yourself and see if it is right for your practice. The one below comes with a DVD and bonus strap.

Other yoga equipment and accessories.

Though not technically props, these items will help you personalize your practice.

Yoga Mat

I like to have my own, for a couple of reasons. I am a sweaty person (thanks thyroid). Having my own mat for class alleviates a bit of self consciousness about sharing equipment. The most important reason I like having my own mat is that the supply closet is locked until the instructor arrives. Students with their own mats can save their favorite spots in the studio early.

Yes, like Sheldon Cooper, I have a spot!

Mats that are 4mm in thickness are standard:

I prefer a mat that is 6mm thick. This is my actual mat. You’ll see it in my Instagram and some Facebook posts. I love the gray and aqua color combination, and the center of the flowers look like little Easter eggs, and that makes me happy.

Yoga Mat Towel

This is helpful for warm and hot yoga practices. Also, if you tend to sweat during any yoga class, this is an accessory you will not want to skip. Yoga mat towels are non-slip in design, so don’t try to use your regular beach towel on your mat.

Yoga Socks

Grippy non-slip socks are also popular. I have never worn them, but I understand the appeal. Some cover the toes, which is great for chilly days or when you really need a pedicure. Others, like the pair below, have toe cut outs to prevent slipping, but still keep your toes cool.

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