Top 5 Perks of being a Work at Home Mom

Being a mom is great. Usually. Working at home is also great. Usually. There are plenty of times when I have questioned my life decisions, but hey, This is me.

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The Anti-Commute

Yup. I just made up a new word.

Road rage is not an issue, and my car insurance really likes that I don’t drive to work. Bonus feature: at the end of the day, I can go one room over to begin cooking dinner. Yay… I think.

I still get to share an office

But my office buddies are cute and cuddly. You can’t cuddle with your coworkers at a traditional office. It’s frowned upon and can get you in trouble with HR, but not with these guys. (There is no door on their crate – who wouldn’t love to cuddle with these fluffy little things?!)

Setting your own hours

Honestly, this is a blessing and a curse. Right now, I am totally my own boss. Sometimes, I write freelance if it is the right publication for my skill set, and then I have deadlines (Shameless plug: If you would like me to write freelance for your organization or publication, email me directly at SeriouslyYall@gmail.com). But overall, I am in control of my schedule.

This can create boundary issues for those who don’t understand this type of work environment, but overall I love this perk. I can still be a cheer mom and do carpool without having to worry about rushing to or from an office.

(Sometime work-at-home-moms do have a set schedule, and I totally get that. You go, girl! This bullet list item is for those of us who create our own hours.)

Showering may or may not happen at a normal hour.

I do shower every day. I am not gross, but my hours are not the same as many other working family’s hours. My husband’s hours are weird. My hours are weird. I carpool in my pjs. I try to squeeze in an hour of work before its time to head to yoga – which I consider therapeutic and a necessity to my mental and physical well being – then I’ll stuff food in my face and work for another couple of hours before I realize I have to pick up my daughter at school – or worse – go to a game that will require me to be showered and presentable for human contact.

If I do that, then I shower. But, y’all, I’m not drying my hair. It’s going up in a messy bun.

Oh, hey, I found these messy bun makers on Amazon. I’m going to have to try them out one day and do a review.

Happy hour is just a kitchen away

This has to be the best perk of them all. My house has an office. I am not currently using it. Right now is a Saturday morning, and I am in my bed, with one dog cuddled up next to me. The other is probably with one of the kids.

However, most of the time I am in my office. I like writing there. It feels more like a structured work environment, and sometimes I need that. When the working day is done, this mom still wants to have fun! And there is a lovely rosé chilling in there right now for later.

Bonus, I don’t have to call a ride share to get home.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made when you click through adds and images on this site.)

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