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Weekly Obsessions: September 25th

On any given week, you never know what I am obsessed with. This week it’s one thing. Next week it’ll be another.

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Diet Coke

I know it’s so horrible for me. I just don’t care. It’s delicious, and I will fight anyone who says that Coke Zero is better. I should probably cut back, but not this week. Here is a vintage commercial I thought you might like.


I am not super crafty – or crafty at all, but I do enjoy crocheting. It’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s making a big comeback. I like to be ahead of the trends y’all. My daughter’s school even has a Yarn Club for students who already do, or want to learn how to crochet or knit. How cool is that?

I only crochet about one blanket a year. I usually crochet in the evenings while watching TV or while recording podcasts with the DisExplorers. It’s repetitive and calming.

Though if you want to check out a seriously talented crocheter, my cousin has a fantastic shop called Crochet4Cali and you can find her on Facebook and Etsy.

Cliff Bars

Now that school is in session and youth ministries is in full swing – and don’t get me started on the annual pumpkin patch – I find myself running out the door without eating breakfast, which is so bad. Having a thyroid condition makes managing hunger a tricky thing, and y’all, I can get hangry if I don’t eat.

Cliff Bars to the rescue. But not just any Cliff Bar… my obsession right now is Blueberry Crip bars. They aren’t actually crispy, they are chewy, so don’t judge a granola bar by it’s name.

If a bowl of yummy oatmeal and blueberry muffin had a baby, it’s a Blueberry Crisp Cliff Bar.

Yin Yoga

This is better classified as my year-long obsession. Yin is known as the quiet practice. It’s slow, has lots of gentle stretches. You can move to more intense stretching once you are ready. The thing about yin yoga is that it usually requires a lot of props (blocks, bolsters and straps), which is fine if you are at the studio, but what if you are at home or on the road?

See my post on Yoga Props

I discovered a great YouTube channel called Yoga with Kassandra. She has a fantastic beginners Yin practice that requires no props. No props. And below you will find a beginner-friendly yoga practice you can try.

It is a perfect routine for giving yourself permission to be still and to be quiet. Two things sorely missing in our lives these days.

Seriously, Y'all - Weekly Obsessions

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