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Weekly Obsessions: October 9th

This week’s obsession inspiration is my daughter… no surprise there. Affiliate links are included below.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made when you click through adds on this site.)

Uptown Cheapskate

Y’all, there are no affiliate links in this section. I am not associated with this brand (though I am not opposed to a collaboration). In fact, until last weekend I had never stepped foot in one of their locations.

OMG – Life changed!

Uptown Cheapskate is a resale store. They buy items of name brand and designer level clothing (I did see Target, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Coach and Dooney & Bourke – so all price points), then they sell them at prices far below retail.

After spending 3 – less than awesome hours last weekend – shopping for jeans for a growing girl who doesn’t understand why all the brands & cuts that fit her last year are no longer an option – we were about to give up when we decided to head into Uptown Cheapskate.

We had super low expectations at this point. Boy were we surprised.

The store was immaculately organized. It made me want to go home and clean my own closet. Clothing was stocked by type, size AND color. WOW! And it did not have the tell-tail smell of a resale shop. You know the smell I speak of.

We had a lovely experience. We came out of there with two pairs of jeans, one pair of khaki school uniform pants and an athletic jacket. Win-win-win-win! And I went home with a happy (not frustrated) kid! Super win.

And the team of employees were friendly and efficient. Love that. Check them out!

Spiral Hair Ties

Where have these been my whole life. As someone whose life is full of kids of various ages, I have seen these hair ties for quite a while. I never thought too much of them, until the dreaded shopping trip last weekend.

At this point in the adventure, we still had not found a single pair of jeans for my daughter. My hair was droopy, my attitude was droopy, everything was droopy. I realized I had no ponytail holders with me (odd, because I usually have several).

A pack of these little spiral hair tie thingies were at the counter of Old Navy, so I bought them.

Wow – just wow. Best. Ponytail. Ever.

My hair was day-old dirty and droopy. I had no brush with me. I just whipped my hair up in the thing, looped it once, and Perfect Freaking Ponytail!

I partially credit this ponytail for how things turned out at Uptown Cheapskate. That’s a powerful ponytail.

Denim Print Jeggings

All that jean shopping last weekend left me longing for simple, comfy style.

The “pajama-style” jean of the legging family, denim print leggings are super comfy, and I feel no shame in saying I usually add a couple of these into my wardrobe each fall and winter.

Look, y’all, they ain’t high fashion, but if you are running errands, going to a high school basketball game or hanging out with the girls, these puppies are your friend.

Elastic waist + forgiving fabric… what the heck else do you want?

There are many brands and styles, but these are the actual ones I purchased last season. Made by Cloya and only $21.99 for two pairs: Women’s Denim Print Fake Jeans Seamless Full Length Fleece Lined Leggings This particular style is available in sizes Small – XXL. I have the XXL and I find them to be true to size.

Regis DesignLine Leave In Conditioner

I have been letting my hair grow out for the past 18 months, and the ends are showing it. I know I need to make the time to get my hair trimmed, but I like how long it is, finally.

I added the Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioning Styler to my haircare routine this week, and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

My daughter wanted to change her look last week, so I told her to go for it.

The gold bottle was shining at me from the shelves of professional grade products. This is not my first time using this line. I was loyal to the Olive Oil line for ages, then fell in love with another brand, and kinda forgot about DesignLine for a little while.

But we’re BFFs again!

This stuff is MADE for longer hair that could use a trim. Is it magic… well no, but my hair is shinier, and my split, frizzy ends are tame enough for me to put off trimming them for a little while longer.

FYI: this is the Olive Oil Leave In Conditioner by DesignLine. Perfect for shorter hair or hair that is far better taken care of than mine. It smells so good too.

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