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Funny gifts for the weird people on your holiday gift list

If y’all are still around reading this blog, you probably have a little bit of crazy in you – the kind of crazy that makes you interesting – and I like that. So, here are a few gift items for you and your kin that hopefully make you chuckle.

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made when you click through adds and images on this site.)

How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods…

I haven’t read this book (yet), so I will let the good folks at Amazon explain: Parents of the world rejoice! Knock Knock’s bestselling How to Traumatize Your Children has been revamped with all-new totally dysfunctional illustrations. This groundbreaking instructional volume teaches you how to give your children the lifelong gifts of mental and emotional damage. Whether you employ the same ruinous techniques your parents used or try out an entirely new approach, you are bound to succeed!

$9.90 on Amazon

People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book

I’d write an overview myself, but they did it way better than I ever could:

What’s Inside…

Simply sit back, relax, and choose the Walmart creature that connects most with you. Then color in the wonderful weirdo with your choice of color pencil, pen, marker, and/or crayon.

$11.95 on Amazon

Ninja T-Shirt

Ninja Shirt

Admit it. You know someone who would love this. It is just weird enough to be fun.

$8-$15 on Amazon.

Go Ahead and Leave Mug

JerkFace Mug

I say it is the perfect gift for a stay at home parent who is trying desperately to enjoy their coffee (before it gets cold) all before their spouse leaves them alone with the kids. All. Day. Long.


Amazon has this to say: WITH THIS FAREWELL COFFEE MUG, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR COLLEAGUE, COWORKER, BOSS OR FRIEND WHO ARE LEAVING LIGHT UP WITH DELIGHT! If you’re looking for the best farewell gift that your colleague, coworker, boss, employee or friend will actually use and enjoy for years to come, then check out this mug!

Go with what works for you.

$22 on Amazon

Planet Plates

Planet Plates

I won’t make a Uranus joke. I won’t make a Uranus joke. I won’t… too late. Who’s gonna eat off of that one?

  • This complete set of melamine dinnerware features eight 10″ original watercolor portraits of our solar system. Planet Plates are dishwasher-safe and light enough to pack for a picnic – yet sturdy enough to orbit the rowdiest potluck supper. Your buffet table can be a geocentric homage to Ptolemy… or you can let the block party know exactly what you think of Copernicus deniers!
  • Contents: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. (Pluto not included. Cause it’s not a planet.)

Set of 8 Plates: $40 on Amazon

Bob Ross: Happy Little Tree Mints

Bob Ross Mints

Each tin contains Happy Little Peppermint Trees. Follow link to see ingredients.

$6.19 on Amazon

Bob Ross Pancake Maker

Bob Ross Pancakes

Mints aren’t weird enough, you say? Well, here ya go you lovable weirdos. A Bob Ross pancake maker.

From the weird folks at Amazon who decided it would be a good idea to carry this item:

  • BOB ROSS WAFFLE MAKER – Make happy little waffles at home. Pour in the batter, lower the lid, and before you know it, there’s Bob Ross ready for butter and syrup.
  • MAKES 2 DIFFERENT SIZED WAFFLES – Create 6″ waffles of Bob Ross’s head or a larger 7″ waffle by pouring the batter on the entire round plate that will create a large round waffle with Bobs smiley face in the middle.

$59.99 on Amazon

The Office Pillow Cover

The Office Pillow Cover

If you get it, you get it, but if I have to explain this, scroll onto the next item. This is not for you.

$9 on Amazon. Note: This is only the pillow case. You need your own throw pillow.

Weird Bathroom Decor

Would Poop Here sign

Tired of businesses and products getting all the reviews? Want your guests to know they are doing business in a prime location? Then you need this bathroom sign.

Don’t ask where the other half star went. You don’t want to know.

$16 on Amazon

3D Simulation Bread Shape Pillow

bread pillow

This is weird. At least the kid is cute. But I have some seriously mixed feelings about this pillow. A random Amazon reviewer reports this: “Got this for a friend for his birthday, now I just need to find some bread scented cologne to go with it! “

Available in multiples sizes.

$23 – $29 on Amazon

If you know where to find bread scented cologne, let us all know over on Facebook or Twitter.

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made when you click through adds and images on this site.)

10 Weird Gifts - A quirky gift giving guide from Seriously, Y'all

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