Hi… Welcome to “Seriously, Y’all,” my Southern musings, mutterings and mumblings.┬áThis is an old-fashioned journal. It’s my life. My thoughts. My struggles. My joys. Simple!

So, after a few great years of writing medical and wellness articles and after quite some time of contributing to the Disney blogosphere, I decided to walk down a quieter, quirkier path and see where the beat of my own drum takes me.

I am a mom of three teenagers with a passion for all-inclusive youth ministry, where all means ALL! And I’m not afraid to laugh at faith matters and “polka” little fun at my own denomination – we do take BBQ season seriously, y’all.

I am still the Social Media Manager and Content Supervisor for The DisExplorers, a fun-filled website and weekly podcast filled with Disney enthusiasts from all over the country.

For PR requests, reviews or affiliate opportunities with Seriously, Y’all, contact me at SeriouslyYall@gmail.com .


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