New Year’s Day… it came, and it went.

download.jpgToday is New Year’s Day. It was a special day, but it was like most others. However, today is the day that the resolutions were supposed to begin. So, how did I do?

Well, like most things in life – you win some; you lose some. And that’s pretty much how today went too.

Resolution #1: Eat Better

I should devise some strategic plan to accomplish this particular goal. I actually do quite well on strict diets – at least for about 2 months. Something about the structure really appeals to me, and I feel good about what I eat when I am on a plan, even if it makes no sense.

But as of yet, I have no plan. I know this is a problem. I have no plan for many things in my life… one reason for starting to write again, is to get me back in the planning game.

Today, even without a plan, I did pretty well.

Goal 1: Cut back on the caffeine. I can drink 3 cups of coffee a day and about 4 Diet Cokes without missing a minute of sleep. My tolerance is strong! Time to cut back to 2 cups of coffee a day. I’ve gone cold turkey before, and it isn’t pretty. Headaches, fatigue and slight nausea. No fun.

How’d I do? Ummmm… pretty ok. Considering I slept until about 10:00am. I had my two cups and a Diet Cheerwine. Don’t know what Cheerwine is? You poor, unfortunate soul.

Goal 2: Cut the unhealthy snacks.

How’d I do? Gold star. Today I wasn’t tempted. Maybe it has to do with sleeping the day away.

Goal 3: Cut the sugar and bad carbs. I’m not going low-cab, yet, but I know the unhealthy simple carbs need to go.

How’d I do? Same as with the coffee. I had a bit of pasta, but about half as much as I usually eat, and I did have a sandwich. The Hubster made it, so I can’t tell you what kind of bread it was.

Resolution #2: Exercice

I don’t like to exercise. I used to be an athlete. I used to like to play sports. I used to be a pretty active mom. Lifting a book and a cup of coffee (see above) are my main forms of exercise these days. I need to do better.

How’d I do? Not so great. The treadmill is unfolded in it’s corner, which is more action than it has seen in months. I did take down all of the Christmas decorations while the Hubster walked on it. So, at least there’s that.

  • Treadmill unfolded = Win
  • Christmas decorations down = Win

I’ll take it.

Resolution #3: Loose Weight

Confession time… I haven’t stepped on the bathroom scale in a while. When I am done here, I will face the music.

The grown up in me knows that my self worth is not dictated by a three digit number, but the sciency side of my brain likes data. Measurable data. I want to see the scale go down and my pants to loosen up.

Other Resolutions

I have other resolutions. Some are defined. Others are pretty vague.

  • Stick to a writing schedule. Easy enough.
  • Organize the house. I’m really going to try.
  • Organize my time. I do love a calendar.
  • Get the laundry room under control… ok, a girl can dream.

The goals are set. My resolve is strong. My sense of humor is firmly in place. Now it’s time to head up to the bathroom scale. Pray for me!

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New Year’s Recipe for Disaster

The most wonderful time of the year has come to an end. I love the holidays. Love. Them. I would decorate my Christmas tree the day the kids go back to school if I could do so without having the small-town-crazy-sqaud come after me – they’ve been itching to for years.

So, now that Christmas is over, it’s time for Round 1 of New Year’s Resolutions. (Round 2 is Lent, but we have 6 weeks before that begins.)

I never used to make diet, exercise or weight loss resolutions. I think they are a recipe for disaster. But, I stepped on the bathroom scale, and I am a disaster. Not because of the number that popped up on the digital readout – which is way too high. But because I know exactly how that number got there in the first place.

Am I close to my healthy weight? No.

Do I eat right? Hell no.

Do I exercise? Ah, hell no.

See. I am not in denial. I know better. I know how my weight got to where it is. I know that I am not in good shape, and I am not getting any younger – that hot flash last night made that abundantly clear.

So what am I going to do…

This year I am going to make the stinking resolutions. Get my eating under control. No more cookies for breakfast or mid morning snacks or afternoon snacks. And dang I love cookies.

I am going to make the stinking resolutions everyone else makes.

  • Eat better.
  • Exercise.
  • Lose weight.

What the Doctor Says

I have no clue what my doctor will say. I haven’t been to a doctor in about 8 years. Yes, you read that correctly.

My former physician no longer practices in this area, so I just stopped going. Not his fault, mind you. I just never bothered finding a new one.

So, I’m making an appointment this week, and I’ll take you along with me (not in person, ewww). But, you get what I mean. I’ll share all the messy steps of getting control of this 40+ year-old body.

Any Other Resolutions

I should make a resolution about cleaning my house or organizing my closets. I should, but we all know where that would lead. But, I will try.

Order in my life. Order in my health. Order at work… Can I do it. Not alone. But that’s why we’re here together.



The #1 Fight

Welcome to Seriously, Y’all… a website dedicated to how life so easily gets knocked off track, and my human attempts to get it going in the right direction.

Do you know what the number one fight my husband and I have? Probably not. We just met. I will tell you. It isn’t money. It isn’t marital affections. It doesn’t even have to do with the kids.

Our #1 fight is over the constant clutter in the house. Not surprisingly, when we have a collective day off, our family is tasked with cleaning, organizing and dealing with the clutter.

It isn’t fun. With three teens and two dogs, our house is always in a state of never quite clean enough.

My House

Just so you can get to know us a bit, let me tell you about our house.

  • Just under 2,000 square feet.
  • 3 real bedrooms + a bonus room we turned into a bedroom.
  • Small closets
  • 2 1/2 bathrooms
  • 2 car garage – that we actually park in
  • Absolutely no built in storage (no basement, no attic, no real storage closets)

Add it all up, it is a recipe for clutter.

The Method

I have read a few books on the Minimalist Lifestyle. I have yet to find one minimalist philosophy or guide book which sums up the exact goals that I have for my house, my family and my life. Instead, each author has had very insightful nuggets of wisdom I have claimed as my own.

And since non of the guides I read represented my exact experience, I created this site.

Try and Fail and Try Again

So, not a great plan, but it’s my plan. I’ve tried to get my house in order before. I purge closets mercilessly.


What happens after the garbage truck has come, and the boxes of goods have been donated?

The. Clutter. Returns.

I think it is like yo yo dieting. You have to plan to keep the weight off with a lifestyle change. If you don’t change how you acquire things, you will refill that closet you just cleaned out. Your junk drawers will floweth over, and you’ll be back to square one.

Which is where I am today.  Square one. Again.