Welcome to Seriously, Y’all

This mission of the blog is to be a place where a sense of humor meets a sense of community.

Big Disney Year

A new series where you can follow along on The Big Disney Year: A year in the life of a Disney World Passholder. Chapter 2 is LIVE now!

Youth Retreats

One of my favorite parts of Youth Ministry are the retreats. This list of survival tips will come in handy for new and experienced leaders.

I’m Obsessed

Each Wednesday I let you know what I’m doing and what is on my mind. Take a look at what I am obsessed with right now.

Favorites Under $50

While we wait for this year’s Favorite Things post, let’s look at some budget-friendly favorites from last year.

Top 5 Yoga Props

Are you a yoga person? Do you want to be but don’t know a block from a bolster? Come on into the studio, as I demystify this stuff.

Family Travel

I like planning vacations. How to get there? Not so much. How do I do it, and how do I choose one airline over another.