Welcome to Seriously, Y’all

This mission of the blog is to be a place where a sense of humor meets a sense of community.


The yogaDisney collection is for Disney fans! Beginners and yogis welcome. All you need is a love of Disney!

Free Printable Planners

A few free printable calendars to keep your day organized, plus options to help customize a family planner.

I’m Obsessed

I have been know to obsess about the awesome things in life. You never know what you’re going to find here!

Lent 2020 – Ash Wednesday

The Lenten Season is upon us. What’s going on in my house this time of year?? I think it is time for the usual craziness to be infused with a little bit of Lenten discipline.

Shop the Amazon Store

How did we exist before Amazon? This is where you can find the entire yogaDisney collection as well as a fun list of random things I really order. (This is an affiliate list.)

Shopping Guides

Holiday Shopping made easy. Hey, something should be easy this year. Check out this – and my other – gift lists to help you breeze through your holiday shopping.

10 Unique Gift Ideas

Need the perfect gift for that quirky, awesome friend? This gift list is sure to inspire you.

Work-at-Home Mom Life

Working from home is awesome… most of the time. These are the things that make it totally amazing.

Youth Retreat Survival

So, you’ve agreed to be a youth retreat chaperone. You are in for a fantastic time, but a few practical tips can turn an ok retreat into an amazing experience.